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Labels for Education


Willow Creek PTA collects food labels during the year and turns them back into the participating company for money.  This helps us raise money for the many great programs we bring to Willow Creek.  To make it fun, several contest are held during the year for most labels collected.  The winning students receive a celebration and treats.  Dates for each contest are below. Clip those labels and help our organization!  


What labels do we collect?

  • Box Tops for Education - These labels are found on over 1000 different products including cereal boxes, cake mixes.biscuits, Ziplock bags and office supplies.  To learn more about participating products and ways to earn box tops, register at BoxTops4Education.com or click here. 
  • Tyson Project A+ -  Look for Tyson products that display the Tyson Project A+ logo found in your grocer's freezer section.  If you would like more information about the Tyson Project A+ program go to ProjectAPlus.tyson.com or click here.  

How much do we raise clipping labels?  

Each Box Top submitted is worth 10 cents and each Tyson label is worth 24 cents back to our PTA.  Over the entire school year all those small labels typically add up to around $1,500.00.  

Proper way to clip and submit: 

When the PTA sends off the labels for reimbursement they must be trimmed properly.  If parents don't do it then the box top committee chairs and their volunteers must do the trimming.  Please trim on the dotted line on the Box Tops leaving the expiration date and as close to the white border of the Tyson label.  Their is typically four collection deadlines a school year. Contest categories vary from collecting the most in each grade level, classroom, or sometimes even boys vs girls. Turn in labels to your homeroom teacher in a baggie with your student's name, teacher and grade.


Collection Due Dates and Contest




October 19th - Top 3 Homerooms

February 22nd  - Top Grade Levels

Winners will enjoy a fun treat celebration.