We are so proud to say that Willow Creek Elementary's yearbook is produced by a number of our very own 5th Grade students! They are expertly guided by Kerrie Hagest and Lauren Charboneau. I'm sure you'll agree that the students & helpers did an excellent job of last year's book!




Each grade level has two classroom photographers (parent volunteers) who are responsible for taking pictures of all of the students in that grade for all of the yearbook-related events. They then submit photos to our yearbook team. However, we highly encourage all of our parents to snap some pictures for submission too and you can submit those pictures as directed below.


We appreciate any help and photo submissions received and look forward to making an amazing 2023-2024 yearbook!



How do you submit photos? 


This year we are asking that all photos are submitted to the yearbook team via Lauren Charboneau @ lmcharboneau.wce.photo@gmail.com or 281-380-6679.


Please make sure all photos are in .jpg format (not .heic). If you are unsure on how to set that up, please contact Lauren Charboneau at 281-380-6679 (there is a setting for iPhone).



Yearbook photographer requirements:

  1. Two per grade level.
  2. You will be provided with a calendar of events. This will show you when you are needed to take pictures.
  3. Please coordinate amongst yourselves who is taking pictures. You are the only source often for pictures of these children. If you do not take pictures and provide them to us than those children will not be represented in the yearbook and that is not fair to them.
  4. All pictures for all grades EXCEPT 5th should be take first thing in the morning so as not to disrupt the day.
  5. 5th grade photos should be taken at 9 right after specials again so as not to disrupt the day.
  6. If pictures are to be taken on the playground, please contact the teachers of your grade so they are aware and obtain a visitor pass before going onto the playground during school hours.
  7. All pictures are to be in jpg format. If need instruction on how to change from .heic please contact Lauren Charboneau – 281-380-6679
  8. Please make sure you are not only taking pictures of your child. If they are in every picture than many of those pictures cannot be used in the book.
  9. Please take group shots, small groups, and individuals for lots of variety.
  10. Please upload the pictures to the google drive as soon as you can after taking them. This helps us to organize the photos and keep track of what we have and also makes sure you do not forget to upload them.
  11. Please upload to multiple folders as applicable. The yearbook software helps to prevent us from using them more than once, but we need to be able to access them depending on what page we are creating in the yearbook.
  12. If you have a child in your grade who has opted out of having his/her photo taken, please take this seriously. Do not take this child’s picture at all.
  13. Any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask.