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WCE PTA Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

All PTA organized programs and events are only possible because of our wonderful volunteers.  Please see the below job descriptions to better understand the volunteer roles at Willow Creek. 


If you have not completed the Humble ISD background check, please go to humbleisd.net/volunteer and fill out the application. 

Classroom Volunteer Roles

Come have fun in your child's classroom.  All classroom volunteer roles will receive an orientation class.  If teaching is involved you will receive lesson plans and materials.   

Classroom Coordinator

Every classroom needs a great "Homeroom Mom".  This volunteer helps the teacher when needed, forwards communications,organizes classroom parties, and helps fulfill volunteer needs.  Two classroom coordinators are needed in each classroom.

Art Masterpiece

The program goal is to introduce children to noteworthy artists, both modern and traditional, in the hopes of developing an appreciation for the creative and cultural impact of the visual arts. No art background is required to volunteer for Art Masterpiece. Volunteers will present the educational materials prepared by our Art Masterpiece committee chairs to their homeroom classroom and assist students with a fun art project. Two classes are taught in the fall and one in the spring. Each class is approximately 45 minutes long.  One teaching volunteer and two helping volunteers are needed in each classroom. 

Everybody Counts

This program teaches students about different types of disabilities.  Each grade level is presented with a different type of disability such as visual and hearing impairment, developmental and learning disabilities and motor impairments. Volunteers will present the educational materials prepared by our Everybody Counts committee chairs and will do an activity with the students that helps each student better understand that disability. Each class is one hour long.  One teaching volunteer and 2-4 helpers are needed in each homeroom class.  

Junior Achievement

This program inspires children to dream big and teaches them how to become successful adults within a community.  Volunteers are given Junior Achievement teaching supplies and each grade level discusses a different topic.  These topics include work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. One teaching volunteers and one helping volunteer is needed in each homeroom class.

Carnival Coordinator

Help coordinate a classroom raffle or auction basket for our annual carnival fundraiser.  Volunteers collect donations from classroom parents and organize the classroom basket for the carnival/auction committee.  Directions on the organization of each basket will be given by the carnival/auction committee chairs. 

Classroom Photographer

Help capture the year by being the classroom photographer.  Volunteers take pictures at classroom events and submit photographs to the yearbook committee for publication in the school year book. 


School Volunteer Roles

We have lots of volunteer roles that help the entire school.  Volunteer's contact information will be given to the chair person and they will contact you when help is needed.  

Family Events and Parent Education 

One family event night (Example: Game Night) and one parent education night is planned each year.  Volunteers will help with the event activities.  

Box Tops

Our PTA collects box tops and other labels for money.  Volunteers help count and prepare labels for reimbursement.

Library Assistant

Volunteers check books in and out for student at the circulation desk and restock bookshelve when needed.  


Help the yearbook committee with tasks that may be needed in the production of the school yearbook.

Arts in Education

This program brings educational performances to our school.  These performances expand knowledge in theater arts, science, social studies, history, music and dance.  Volunteers will help with any needs during the day of the program.

Exxon/Corporate Volunteers

Our PTA is given grant money for volunteer hours done by individuals that work for certain corporations.  Volunteers will help assist in tasks needed to submit hours and help provide a list of companies who give volunteer hours.

Health and Safety / Bike Rodeo

This committee runs our red ribbon (drug awareness) week, bike safety program and assists with super kids field day.  Volunteers will help with the day of activities.


This committee give our students and parents the opportunity to become involved in philanthropy projects in our community.  Volunteers will help assist in all of these projects.  


This committee  prepares our student vegetable planting gardens and organizes our science fair.  Volunteers will assist in weeding the garden boxes and helping the day of during science fair.  Volunteers may also choose to be a judge at other school science fairs.

Talent Show

WCE has a lot of talented students.  Volunteer will help with the preparation, decorations, rehearsal and the day of tasks during the show.

Book Fair

Our book fair encourages students to read.  Volunteers help set up, staff and take down the book fair.


This committee keeps our school beautiful.  Volunteers will assist in cleaning flower beds and planting new flowers.


This committee organizes our primary fundraiser for our PTA.  Volunteers will help organize auction items, assist in the preparation of the event and/or be a helper the day of the event.  Silent and live auction occurs at this event.  


WCE PTA hosts an annual community carnival.  Volunteers help run different booths to help make it a successful event.

Teacher Appreciation

This committee lets our faculty and staff know how much we appreciate what they do for our students.  Volunteers help with different events during the year and sign up to bring food items for some luncheons.  

Incentive Reading

This program encourages our students to love to read.  Volunteers assist in collecting and organizing calendars and assignments turned in by students so they can receive their incentives.  Will also be a helping hand in any other incentive reading events such as "Would You Could You Read To Me".  

Art Helper

Volunteers help brighten our hallways by hanging our students amazing art work that is done in art class. Help is needed a few times a year.


Volunteers are asked to make copies, cut, staple and perform other miscellaneous jobs.