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Arts in Education


This committee brings our school several educational assemblies each year.  The topics of each performance can range from actual arts (dance, opera, musical) to science, geography and social studies.  Truly blending arts in education


Assemblies for the 2018-19 School Year:

October 12th

Dinosaur George

K-2nd: 1:15pm

3rd - 5th: 2:15pm

Dinosaur George has performed live to over 4 million students and adults throughout North America. His shows are educational, fun and informative. Using a quick wit and his ability to speak to any age audience, Dinosaur George is one of the most sought after speakers in Texas. His focus is on dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric creatures indigenous to our area.



 *Assemblies are for students only and will be held during the school day. Ask your student all about it when they get home!


Past Assemblies: 


  • MET Dance Team
  • Lincoln

2015 -16 

  • Russian Folk Dancers
  • Science Safari
  • Corey the Dribbler