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Junior Achievement & BizTown 


JA Career Day: Grades K-4th

Volunteer Information: Click the link to view materials

Volunteer Training Power Point

Volunteer Timeline

K-2nd Teaching Materials

3rd-4th Teaching Materials

Career Map Example

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BizTown Training Information

Volunteers should review the following information prior to attending the mandatory training class at WCE.  

BizTown Address: 3710 Dacoma Houston, Texas 77092

 Carpooling is suggested as parking is limited.  

Important Volunteer Reminders

  • Meet at BizTown by 8:30AM.  Your committed time is 8:30AM-2:00PM.  Students will arrive by 9:00 and finish around 1:30.  
  •  Pack a lunch and wear comfortable clothing.  Volunteers may not leave for lunch.  
  • Volunteer will not be assigned to the same shop as their child.
  • This is not a standard field trip, volunteers are facilitators. It is the volunteer's duty to gently guide the students through the BizTown day.  
  • A volunteer registration form will need to be signed by each volunteer stating that they have read the JA Volunteer Conduct Standards and Social Media Policy.   
  • Every volunteer must be trained.
  • All business meetings conducted during the BizTown day are run by the volunteer.  

Training Videos

The following videos will give you a good idea of how the BizTown day will be run.  

Training Video 1


Training Video 2


Training Video 3


JA BizTown Training Manual:

Click here to view the basic training manual.


JA BizTown Training PowerPoint:

Click here to view the training PowerPoint 


Student Biz Town Prep Worksheets 

Before coming to Biz Town the students of each business will fill out a packet to help them run their business smoothly during the day.  The teachers will bring this packet to Biz Town and give it to the volunteers for the students to use during the day.  Click here to see an example Biz Town Prep Packet.  

Maps of BizTown Communities: click on community name to view map.

Volunteer Manuals:  Click on name of business to view each business manual.

These manuals are the same as the "basic manual" above but on the last page it has the employee list and their roles for each business.  

Lessons students learn prior to BizTown in their classrooms:

Students spend several weeks preparing for BizTown.  Click here to see an overview of the lessons they review in class prior to attending the BizTown community.

JA BizTown Volunteer paperwork - click on link to view form

 JA BizTown Website:

For additional information click here to see the JA BizTown website.