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PO BOX 5513

Kingwood Tx 77325

2018-2019 WCE PTA Executive Board



 President: Libby Odom

1st Vice President (Programs): Marissa Fitzgerald

2nd Vice President (Faculty Representative): Kelly Sims

3rd Vice President (Ways and Means): Erica Dixon

4th Vice Presidient (Membership): Ashley Kieffer

Secretary: Mindy Pignotti

Treasurer: Kim Dixon

Parliamentarian: Lindy Schuch



Art Masterpiece: Anne-Marie Kapoor & Peggy Miser

Arts in Education: Tisha Collins

Auction/Donations:Heather Gardner & Lauren Charboneau

Auction/Technology: Kim Dixon

Beautificaiton: Morgan Vadheim (Flowers) & Julie Swanson (Vegetable Boxes)

Box Tops: Kim Guzzo & Shelly Schneider

Carnival: Tracy Ironside & Jennifer Clark

Council Delegates: Jia Nguyen, Mindy Pignotti & Jen O'Brien

Cub Scout Liaison: Holly Richards

Everybody Counts: Meghan Stiffler & Brandi Browning

Exxon/Corporate Volunteers: Kelly Strome

Family Events & Education: Bethany Schneider & Trisha Buza

Fifth Grade Events Coordinator: Alyce Baur & Tammy Cheatham

Grade Level Coordinators

  • Kindergarten:  Rachel Wolfe
  • 1st Grade:  Amanda Medler
  • 2nd Grade:  Katie Boone
  • 3rd Grade:  Julie Hickman
  • 4th Grade:  Shannon Hartman
  • 5th Grade:  Tammy Cheatham

Grant Writing: Jennifer Clark

Health and Safety: Lori Smith & Kim Illanne

Incentive Reading: Kim Dixon / Nancy Pinkerton

Junior Achievement: Marie Wagner

Library/Book Fair: Annie Gosney / Claire Stoddart

Media: Lauren Kilgore

      Sub Committee:  Marquee - Cindy Kenny & Cecily Holm

Newcomer Welcome: Mindy Pignotti

Philanthropy: Jessica Richardson & Brandy Hunt

Poetry Book: Marie Wagner

Reflections: Diana Wylie

Science Fair: Holly Richards

Talent Show: Lindy Schuch & Stephanie Logan

Teacher Appreciation: Brandy Hunt, Kelly Altic & Brandi Browning

Volunteer Coordinator: Marla Wortman


  • Administrator:  Jill Wolocko
  • Creative Editor:  Neva Jackson
    Treasurer/Ads:  Lolly Curry

 Workroom Coordinator: Lauren Kilgore & Diana Wylie


Non Board Position:

Girls Scout Liason - Stephanie Logan

*Contact information can be found on our private online directory.