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 Incentive Reading

Encouraging our students to become lifelong bookworms!


The goal of our reading incentive program at Willow Creek is to promote the joy of reading in our students daily life.  What better way to end your day than with a book in your hand and your mind filled with adventure!  


Reading Programs:  


Summer Flip Flop Reading -

This program encourages summer reading.  If students read 1000 pages in several different genres and turn in their paperwork they will receive the following:  homework pass, ice cream ticket, and are allowed to wear flip flops to school on a designated day. 

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Would You Could You Read to Me Event-

This event kicks off our incentive reading program which runs from October to April.  Community and family members are invited to the school to encourage our students to be excited about reading. 

Fall 2017 Event Dates:

October 5th - High School Student Day!  

High School students come and read a fun book to the classroom in the morning.  The students also discuss why they love to read. 

October 6th - Dads and Donuts

Fathers or other male role models are invited to join their student before school for a donut and discuss the importance of nightly reading.  Guest and students then go to the classroom for a reading activity. 


This event has been rescheduled for April 5th & 6th

Incentive Reading: 

This program encourages nightly reading for all grade levels.  Kindergarten to 2nd grade log reading hours on a calendar and are encouraged to read at least 360 minutes a month.  The older grades, 3rd-5th, have reading assignments to encourage the exploration of different genres.  All students that turn in the paperwork receive a brag tag and their name is entered into a monthly drawing to win a free book. 


Monthly Reading Assignments:

K-2nd Grade

Monthly Reading Calendars

Click here for a calendar to log your reading minutes.  



3rd-5th Grade

Click specific grade under each month for assignments!


3rd / 4th / 5th


3rd / 4th / 5th


3rd / 4th/ 5th


3rd4th / 5th


3rd/ 4th / 5th


3rd4th / 5th