Health & Safety at WCE


 Our Health and Safety committee chairs provide three program for our students: Red Ribbon Week, Bike Rodeo and they help sponsor Super Kids Day.




Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week promotes drug awareness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Each day is themed to bring awareness to saying NO to drugs and YES to your health.  


Red Ribbon Week 2021  

October 26th - October 29th




Bike Rodeo

October 28th


It promotes the importance of bike safety.  Students in grades K-5th bring their bikes to school and participate in a bike obstacle course around the school.  They are required to wear a helmet and can get their bikes checked out by a safety officer.  


Kindergarten - 8:05 am

1st Grade - 9:00 am

5th Grade - 9:55 am

3rd Grade - 12:15 pm

2nd Grade - 1:10 pm

 4th Grade - 2:05 pm








Super Kids Day

This event is always in May and is just a fun day to celebrate a great year of school.  Children participate in outdoor activities, relay races and jumpers.  


Super Kids Day 2021-2022

May 23, 2022