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This program teaches students about different types of disabilities.  Each grade level is presented with a different type of disability.  Volunteers present the educational materials and do an activity with the students that helps each student better understand that disability.


Grade Specific Curriculum: 

Click on the grade to view teaching materials.

Kindergarten- General Disabilities

1st Grade - Vision Impairment

2nd Grade - Hearing Impairment

3rd Grade - Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

4th Grade - Motor Impairment

5th Grade - Learning Disabilities



Training Date: September 11th

All volunteers are encouraged to attend the training date to review materials and supplies.  If you can not attend the specific grade time please come to another training time.  The training will be held in room 609. 

K - 9am

1st - 10am

2nd - 11am

3rd - 12pm

4th - 1pm

5th - 2pm


Program will be taught September 17th-21st during Music Specials.